Modern Pet has listened to your critiques of the other pet waste bags currently available for purchase at your local pet shops and online. 


Listening to your concerns, we set out to revolutionize pet clean up. Working with our manufacturers and refining prototype after prototype, we believe that we've finally created a line of products that overcome the mistakes of our competitors' products and make available to you for purcahse the perfect pet waste bag.


Our pet waste bags fit any standard dispenser, so you can continuing using your favorite dispenser for the time being (look from a new dispenser line from us to be available for purchase soon).


Our bags were created with specially designed perforated cuts to make tearing each bag off the roll as smooth as butter. Your nights of blindly tugging and pulling at the roll to remove a bag for use are long gone.


Additionally, our Cornstarch Line of bags are made from a natural corn-based material and therefore by using our products to pick up after your pet you're both reducing your carbon footprint and reducing the levels of plastics in our landfills which take generations to completely break down.


We also addressed your need for a thicker, stronger and more durable bag. Our bags have a thickness of 18 microns which is more then double the strength and thickness of most of the pet waste bags currently available on the market. 


Lastly, not only are we passionate about creating a better product for responsible owners to use cleaning up after their pets, we also feel strongly about bringing about social change and providing assistance for the millions of ownerless dogs that pack our shelters across the country. That's why we've partnered with some of most active rescue organizations and donate a percentage of each sale to them so that they can continue their important work saving the lives of puppies and adult dogs. This is a cause that we feel strongly about and hope that our customers will be happy that a portion of their purchase of our products will literally be saving the lives of these dogs being rescued from kill shelters. 


We are a small company hoping to make a difference - by creating and selling a better product and through our philanthropic endeavors. Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn a little more about us!




The Modern Pet Team

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